Wire Harness and Moulded Cords
ITP’s wire harness plant is equipped to handle 20 million crimped connections every month and offers wide range of custom and industry standard wire harnesses and battery cables for various industrial segments.

The moulded cords product range includes audio/video cords, AC power cords and other moulded cords such as DC Pin cords or RCA Pin cords. Different types of plugs are designed as per country specific electrical standards.
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Mobile Charging & Data Cables
ITP’s extensive range of Mobile Charging and Data Cables includes USB 2.0 based cables in different configurations such as USB A to Micro B, USB A to C, USB A to Lightning or C to C and are used to connect or power Android phones or IPhones.

USB 3.0 based cables also available. These cables come in PVC/ TPE/ Braided/ Shielded wires as per OEM requirement.
Wires & Cables
ITP is a manufacturer of high quality PVC wires/cables with bare or tin coated copper.

The plant is equipped with modern bunching facility and CNC controlled extruder with facilities to make single core as well as multi core cables with single/double insulation.
Wound Components
ITP’s wound components range includes Ferrite core transformers, inductors, relay coils, Line filters, Power Chokes. Normally we produce EE/ EI/ EER/ EFD/ ETD/ PQ/ Drum Coil/ RM/ Rod Core/ UU/ UT series based transformers and inductors.

ITP’s customised transformers are generally being used currently by LED driver manufacturers, SMPS manufacturers, Instrument manufacturers, Telecom equipment manufacturers and various other industries.
About Us
ITP Electronics Pvt Ltd is trusted by various OEM customers for a range of customized electrical and electro-magnetic components & sub-assemblies which include:
  • Wire harness
  • Power cords
  • Ferrite transformers and Coils
  • Acoustic Components
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