ITP Electronics Pvt Ltd is trusted by various OEM customers for a range of customized electrical and electro-magnetic components & sub-assemblies which include:

  • Wire harness
  • Power cords
  • Ferrite transformers and Coils
  • Acoustic Components

Equipped with design capabilities and state-of-the-art manufacturing equipment; it produces every month wire harnesses involving about 20 millions of crimped connections-each one produced to highest of quality standards. Its wound components line has a capacity to produce 100K inductors and ferrite transformers per day. It operates from two plants located in Gurgaon(near New Delhi) and Haridwar 250 Km from New Delhi.

Established in year 2001, it is a part of ITP group - a global manufacturing and distribution company with a wide product range spanning from electronic components, batteries, power supplies, solar products,; to SMPS transformers, wire harnesses and molded cords manufactured by ITP Electronics Pvt Ltd.

Diverse Product Range
Since its inception, ITP Electronics an ISO 9001:2008 company has always produced quality products be it fine pitch connector based harnesses or special connector harnesses such as D-sub, USB or any other. Most of the connectors used are ROHS and have UL approvals. The Molded cords range and battery cables also cater to diverse needs of different customers.

Wound components line produces EE/ EI/ EER/ ETD/ EFD/ EPC/ PQ/ Drum coil/ RM/ Rod Core/ UU/ UT series customised inductors and transformers as per customer requirements.

Excellence in Manufacturing
Equipped with fully automatic Kodera machines the wires are sized accurately, crimped accurately and tinned accurately with very high productivity levels. The semi automatic lines consisting of high accuracy sizing machines and crimping machines also produce large quantity of crimped connections every day. The molded cords produced in house provide a complete solution to the needs of various appliance and equipment manufacturers. The reliable process design of all the manufacturing lines ensures consistent quality. The high yield assembly lines are equipped to handle harnesses of any size, as small as 30mm to as big as 10 meters.

The wound components lines have 5 multi-spindle machines and automatic tinning machines to deliver quality products made as per customer designs.

Solutions for Various Industries
ITP Electronics through its wide and complete product range has customers from Consumer electronics (TV/Audio-Video), Home appliances(Washing machines, MWO, Food Processors), Power Conditioning (UPS, Inverter, Stabilizer), Telecom, IT, Automotive, Medical and Scientific Instrumentation and Lighting industries.

ITP Team
The highly motivated team at ITP which is currently 250 people strong — is focused on providing more efficient, better quality and cost effective solutions to its customers.